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    CEO VAYU Sense Group
    Katja Beyer
    CTO VAYU Sense Ltd. (Israel)
    Dalit Weinstein-Fischer

    Kobbi Raz Kfir-El

    VP R&D VAYU Sense Ltd.

    Kobbi Raz Kfir-El provides electronic and software solutions for the development of systems at VAYU sense. He brings over 10 years of technology development experience to VAYU Sense, from the bio-pharmaceutical field and other sectors, mostly from medical devices startups. Mr. Kfir-El was previously software and project manager at CardioArt Technologies, leading algorithm and software projects development. Prior to that, Kobbi was a key player in Dune Medical Devices’ R&D team and took part in developing real-time ability to identify cancerous tissues. Mr. Kfir-El holds M.E. in System Engineering and BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology