CEO VAYU Sense Group
Katja Beyer
CEO VAYU Sense Ltd. (Israel)
Rami Chanan
CTO VAYU Sense Ltd. (Israel)
Dalit Weinstein-Fischer

Kobbi Raz Kfir-El

VP R&D VAYU Sense Ltd.

Kobbi Raz Kfir-El provides electronic and software solutions for the development of systems at VAYU sense. He brings over 10 years of technology development experience to VAYU Sense, from the bio-pharmaceutical field and other sectors, mostly from medical devices startups. Kobbi was previously software and project manager at CardioArt Technologies, leading algorithm and software projects development. Prior to that, Kobbi was a key player in Dune Medical Devices’ R&D team and took part in developing real-time ability to identify cancerous tissues. Mr. Kobbi holds M.E. in System Engineering and BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology