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  • The VAYU Sense Solution

    helps you to gain the most of your process

    Higher yields, higher profitability

    The VAYU Sense Automatic Solution is an unparalleled, real-time machine-learning-based technology that non-invasively evaluates and controls what’s happening inside the fermenter, allowing you to significantly increase the profitability of yeast and microbial fermentation processes.

    With a unique combination of software, hardware and service, empowering the control over pharmaceutical fermentation processes in real-time, the VAYU Sense solution ensures yield increase for a specific process.


    Our proprietary measuring device, the VAYU Meter, continuously and non-invasively tracks biological activity trends inside the fermenter, with a higher resolution than any other available system.

    This data, in combination with other parameters already collected along the process, gives the VAYU Sense solution the information required to achieve a significant yield increase.


    Our solution processes the monitored data and responds in real-time. For example:  Does the culture requires more substrate? Or less? When is the optimal time to harvest?
    Our proprietary

    algorithm provides you with the required knowledge to best tune your process for maximized yield.

    Increasing Yield

    Is what our algorithm is built for and it will be adapted to your individual process. In order to do so, our solution involves a learning stage in which the VAYU Meter collects data from several batches.

    The solution characterizes the dynamic behavior of the process, enabling it to determine the best real-time control policy in terms of maximum yield and optimized production time – Hence increasing the overall efficiency and profitability of your business.


    Our team of engineers and biologists supports you along the way, making sure that all
    components are in perfect condition. They will work closely with your team to
    ensure that the solution is optimally tailored to your needs.

    The VAYU Sense Solution consists of 3 components

    (VAYU Team)

    • Biologists, technicians, engineering and IT experts working together for the best fermentation process you ever had
    • 24/7 monitoring and support
    • Experienced experts in fermentation process optimization

    (VAYU Control)

    • Machine learning algorithm
    • Standard interfaces for data transmission
    • Can be integrated into any process control system 
    • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ready
    • Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing capabilities

    Measurement device
    (VAYU Meter)

    • Measuring based on MidIR spectroscopy
    • Dynamic range: 0-100%
    • Relative measurement accuracy ±3%
    • Mechanical connection to all standard fermenters
    • Guaranteed 24/7 functionality

    You can find out more about the technical specifications of our solution.