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Take control of your future. Become part of a highly motivated and extremely qualified German-Israeli team that has only one goal: To bring the latest achievements in AI research to our customers around the world.

Open vacancies

Algorithm Developer

At VAYU Sense we are developing AI based agents, to navigate biological processes through the best working points, based on process training data as well as live data.


  • Master’s degree in a quantitative discipline (e.g., Statistics, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Mathematics)
    or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience in deep learning algorithm research and development
  • Strong mathematics and statistical analysis background
  • 5+ years of professional python development experience
  • Proactive and solution-oriented attitude
  • Team player with good communication skills


  • Experience in Reinforcement Learning algorithm development
  • Proficiency in Tensorflow
  • Experience in several modeling techniques

About the job

At YAYU Sense you will be driving the digital revolution in the pharmaceutical
and food industries by applying game changing AI technology to otherwise conventionally controlled environments.
Using analytical excellence and statistical methods, you mine through our clients’ data identifying opportunities to operate more efficiently by increasing productivity, quality or by reducing the deployment of precious raw materials. Together with your AI team colleagues you select appropriate model techniques such as deep learning and then implement and train an agent for a given opportunity.
In our small team you work closely with our Engineers, Sales and Product Managers to find and improve our solutions for our clients.

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