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    your microbial fermentation processes

    VAYU Sense Solution

    The VAYU Sense Solution is the best way to achieve even higher profitability and maintain
    reproducibility of your established microbial fermentation processes.


    what's happening inside the fermenter with the highest levels of data accuracy.


    the process while improving and optimizing it, using insights and monitored data – giving you an optimal process at all times.

    Increasing Yield

    significantly is what our algorithm is built for. It will be adapted to your individual process.

    Higher yields, higher profitability

    The VAYU Sense Solution helps you to gain significantly more out of the process you already have

    The best way to optimize your microbial fermentation process: Go digital!

    Customer feedback

    The potential for enhancement increases with the amount of information about the process.

    Katja Beyer, CEO VAYU Sense Group

    The more relevant data is collected, the higher the potential for enhancement.

    Kobbi Raz Kfir-El, VP R&D VAYU Sense Ltd.

    The VAYU Sense Solution gives you better dynamic decision-making ability about the process than any other system.

    Rami Chanan, CEO VAYU Sense Ltd.